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We are Eric & Kristy from WI & CA.

Hanging At Yosemite National Park

We met many years ago in the industry that is about helping people create happier, healthier better lives. 
Our Passions are creative and adventurous which includes Travel, Photography, Arts, Nature, Music and History.  But most of all,  we love meeting fun people and furry friends.
We Want To Explore It All
We both crave a simpler more grounded, yet nomadic way of life.  Yes, this sounds like a contradiction.  Yet there is something grounding about living in the moment, connecting with life around us.  Changes had to be made…  So we did!

Our 2004 42' Country Coach Intrigue & 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trail Hawk (Escape Pod)We now travel full time around the USA in our remodeled 2004 Country Coach & 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trail Hawk (Escape Pod) "Our Rides" .  We are seeing America first hand and meeting amazing people we share her with.  We love sharing information that may be of help to you or someone you care about.  The big thing for us are the connections and NEW friendships we are creating while we travel.

So stay connect with us and enjoy the adventures. Follow our adventures through our Blog (Coming Soon), our Facebook Travel Page, Instagram  & Youtube. We promise it will be fun, plus you may learn and see some useful stuff and experience some amazing things from our travels.