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What Do We Do?
IN A NUT SHELL… We wanted to start retirement while we were young enough to fully enjoy it and live our passions of which some can be physically demanding! Learn About Our Passions Here. Thinking outside of the box has allowed us to see possibilities that we may not have discovered without an open mind. How do we do it? We will get to that but first, let us ask you a few questions... Do you brush your teeth, wash your hair, wear makeup, shave, use some form of Skin Care? Do you wash your clothes and dishes? Do you take any type of Nutrition for better health? How about losing a few extra inches or just having more energy? Do you drink Coffee? How about No Toxin Healthy Coffee?

VIP At Universal Studios We decided to “Change Our Store… To Change Our Life”! We simply use categories of products that we were already using every day, but with NO Toxins. Learn How Toxic Your Products May be… Print out the toxic ingredients check list…. Then review the products you currently are using against the check list… This is Scary Stuff!  We buy from the company “Store” that develops and produces these zero toxin products. The store is called Sisel. It’s that simple!

To learn more about the owners, see their manufacturing plant, and review the products, go to Being the direct manufacturer of all their own products, we find the quality and the results people are getting are amazing! If you wish, we would be glad to mail you our Sisel Pack. It includes samples of the products listed below and a catalog.

Are you open to making extra income and/or saving on your personal products? If you choose to partner with us to make extra income you will have 60 years of combined experience for support and training. We have a 3 to 5 year plan that literally would Change Your Life as it did for us. To learn more from others that we work with & their stories go to To learn more about the Sisel business model and see the income potential, simply connect with us personally from the information below.

A part time Home Based Business can bring many perks but the big oneOur Motor Coach & Jeep at Sisel for us is to be travelling around the country in our Motor Coach and Jeep helping people from all walks of life. We get to do what we love doing while at the same time receiving huge tax savings by having a simple home based business. Hmm... Let’s think about this… A way to make income by simply doing what we already love doing, except in a healthier way and with a group of people who want more out of life as well… it’s a Team of like-minded people and a Proven System that helps us all to share with others to do the same, improving incomes and lifestyles as we go.

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More About Our Past:

In the early years each of us thought that by keeping our nose to the grindstone, in time it would bring dreams and freedom in abundance. Each in our own time found out that this was not to be the case. It was soon apparent that to be able to be free… to have the freedom we desired in our lives, not just one or two weeks a year vacation time, but to have it each and every day… serious changes would have to be made!

Eric with one of his Sunglass ProgramsEric spent years building and running a general merchandise “import” distribution company… a brick and mortar “Traditional” business. Constantly travelling back and forth from the orient and in the USA, he spent much of his time on planes, living out of hotels, eating at fast food restaurants and all the while his health spiraling downward. He dealt with the complexity of employee challenges, and major overhead that ate away at his profits. His weight-gain was out of control. His health deteriorated with the long hours, bad eating habits, and stress. Eventually he ended up in surgery having to get his gallbladder removed. Soon after he was introduced to his first ray of hope to improve his life and his health and it was conveniently included in a new and “kinder” business venture.

Kristy in the Fashion IndustryKristy had a career in the textile/clothing sector of the fashion industry. She spent long hours in a fast-paced stress filled industry nurturing a high figure income as a commissioned salesperson. Her career was very competitive, and included dealing with crazy deadlines, cranky bosses, and demanding customers as well as the inevitable delivery challenges of “imported” merchandise. Eventually she began to experience mystery health challenges and her quest for better health began. She learned about improved eating habits, organic foods, non-toxic personal care items and learned about and practiced full body detoxes to reduce accumulated toxins stored in her body. She suspicioned there would be many from years of handling textiles as well as the sources the average person is exposed to on a daily basis. It wasn’t long after her quest began that Kristy was introduced to an optional way to make good money while at the same time improve her health.

We met in this Health, Wellness, and Income Management industry. Out On A Drive to San Diego Separately, and at different times we each became intrigued and pushed forward to get healthier and to learn and grow to get closer to our individual dreams and freedom. We learned to implement the benefits from the Tax saving our government has made available to us for this type of income earning. Fast-forward 15 plus years and we share the same dreams and freedom together. And we share the passion to help others explore how to change their life through changing their store. Putting more life in their years and more years in their life. Together we are part of a group of like-minded individuals, a TEAM around the world reaching out to one another to help support dreams and to build and grow our individual livelihoods.

Part of Our Green Bay, WI Team

If You Could Do Whatever You Wanted, Whenever You Wanted, With NO Worries of Money, What Would You Be Doing Right Now? What if there was a way you could create a life of your dreams, Take Back Your Life, Live Your Passion"… wouldn't you want to know more about it? We did! These days we find freedom is an everyday occurrence. And now here you are exploring with us today. With an open mind, you too can improve your life, possibly live your passions, and share this gift with others using our unique business model that is simple to share with others.

It all begins with a simple concept “Change Your Store, Change Your Life” and a simple question “If you found out you were unintentionally poisoning yourself, would you change what you are doing? Well, would you? Go to to get a full view of the product line and company.

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